When you become a self-employed driving instructor, you are basically your own boss but that comes with its own challenges. One of those pesky problems that comes with being a self-employed driving instructor is tax. Here at Get Licensed Driving School, we endeavour to make life as easy as possible for driving instructors that’s why we’ve compiled a list of top ten tax tools for driving instructors.

1. DIA Tax Service

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) offer their own bespoke tax service. The DIA will handle your tax returns for you. The DIA has a team of tax accountants who offer a nationwide service and their expertise for a fixed fee which can be paid monthly or annually. For more information, click HERE.

2. Driving Instructor Accounts/ Bookkeeping System

AB Driving School Supplies offer a Driving Instructor Accounts/ Bookkeeping system which is available in three different formats. Their Driving Instructor Accounts/ Bookkeeping system is available in Excel, for open source spreadsheet applications and for iPad and Android tablet. Their Driving Instructor Accounts/ Bookkeeping system allows driving instructors to keep track of their finances. The spreadsheet system produces relevant figures which allow driving instructors to complete their own self-assessment tax return.

3. Online accountants for Driving Instructors

Shore Online Accounting provides online accountancy and tax service for driving instructors whether independent or franchisees nationwide.  Due to Shore Online Accounting not having a high street office, driving instructors can contact them during weekends and evenings for example in between driving lessons. Their accountancy and tax services for driving instructors provide them with a bookkeeping system and they will complete tax returns and accounts for driving instructors. For more information on their services, read HERE.

4. Accountancy for freelance driving instructors

London Accountancy firm Pearl Chartered Accountants offer their accountancy services for freelance driving instructors. Their service includes offering freelance driving instructors tax and accountancy advice and handle their tax returns. For more information on Pearl Chartered Accountants services for driving instructors, click HERE.

5. Tax guide for driving instructors

KWA Tax Returns Online has a comprehensive tax guide on their website for self-employed driving instructors. To read their tax guide, click HERE. Their tax guide let’s driving instructors know what they have to do in order to complete their tax returns.

6. Online tax returns for driving instructors

Apart from not only having a tax guide on their website, KWA Tax Returns Online also complete tax returns for driving instructors for a fixed fee. Driving instructors just need to provide them with the information requested of them and have their tax return filed and prepared by KWA Tax Returns Online. For more information on their tax returns service for driving instructors, click HERE.

7. Bookkeeping spreadsheet

Equal Figures provide spreadsheets for business and personal use. They also offer a version of these spreadsheets made for driving instructors in mind. Their Driving Instructor Accounts spreadsheet has the following files available to download; Self-employed Accounting File, Mileage Calculator, Instructions for using Accounting spreadsheets and Instructions for using Mileage Calculator.

8. Accountants for Driving Instructors

There are also accountants for Driving Instructors. North Yorkshire based firm R Stride & Co Accountants are driving instructor accountant specialists.  R Stride & Co Accountants have a clientele of independent and franchisee driving instructors. The accountancy firm looks after the year- end accounts and tax returns for driving instructors and also have a patented system which covers all parts of the driving instructor’s business.

9. Accounting spreadsheet

Easy Bookkeeping Spreadsheets have designed a number of accounting spreadsheet templates and one of them is for driving instructors.  Their tax spreadsheet is available for individual tax years and is designed specifically for non-VAT registered driving instructors, working as sole-traders who wish to complete their own tax return. Check out the spreadsheet HERE.

10. Online Bookkeeping

Ideas4ADIs provide products and services for driving instructors and one of these services is Online Bookkeeping. The Ideas4ADIs Online Bookkeeping is made in mind to save driving instructors time when trying to keep accurate records of their business. For more information on  Ideas4ADIs Online Bookkeeping service, click HERE.