We are all looking for ways in which we can save money by scrimp and saving throughout our daily life, but while a lot of us can go without overindulging on takeaways from UberEATS, there is one thing that motorists can’t go without, and that is a Driving Licence. But are there alternative ways in which you can apply for a driving licence and also save some money at the same time? Read on and discover how you could be left with a few more quid when applying to hit the road.

Save money on your driving licence by applying online

The most efficient way in how you can save yourself a few pounds in your wallet when applying for your driving licence is to apply for your licence online, as opposed to sending off for a licence through a postal service.

Online applications cost £34 and can take approximately one week to be delivered. Postal applications however can cost applicants £9 extra at £43 and can also take an additional two weeks to process before driving licence is delivered to you.

That means that those who apply for their licence online via the Official DVLA Government Website can not only save themselves an extra £9, but can also find themselves having an extra two weeks behind the wheel with their newly processed driving licence.

Be careful of spam websites when applying for your driving licence

While saving money is important, do not be tempted by the alure of additional savings on your driving licence application, as fake DVLA websites appear online in tempting you to part with your cash in exchange for an even greater deal.

Remember, when applying online for your driving licence to also ensure that you are applying through the Official DVLA Government Website and also be aware of sites that claim to provide better or even additional service as this will always bump up the price of your application.

What Get Licensed Says

While saving £9 on your driving licence application may not seem like a huge amount, it’s a saving none the less and can be easily missed by those who assume that driving licence applications have to be sent off in the post. With a £9 saving and an extra two weeks secured with your driving licence, we are sure that you would agree that you can’t go wrong with this penny-pinching deal.