SEO can be hugely beneficial for driving instructors. In this post, we will explain why SEO is a driving instructor’s best friend and also how they can improve their SEO strategy. Want to be booked and busy with driving lessons, then read on and find out why driving instructors need SEO.

First of all…. What is SEO?

Before we tell you how you can benefit from SEO, let’s explain to you what it actually is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  SEO is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. So, how do driving instructors benefit SEO?

5 ways SEO can benefit driving instructors

1. SEO makes driving instructors appear more trustworthy

In this line of work, it is crucial for a driving instructor to appear trustworthy to learner drivers. If your driving instructor website appears high in the search results, you will appear as one of the best driving instructors and as reputable.

2. Modern-day word of mouth

People usually hear about driving instructors because they have been recommended to them by others. Nowadays, everyone “Googles” everything. So, think of SEO as a modern day word of mouth. A driving instructor’s website that ranks highly, gives the impression of a recommended driving instructor.

3. SEO helps driving instructors get more students

Although people can learn to drive from any age after 17, most of the time a driving instructor’s main clientele will be young learner drivers.  Millennials are tech-savvy and are more likely to use the internet to find a driving instructor than any other means. Having good SEO on your website means you’re speaking your students’ language and bringing them to your page and converting them into customers.

4.Bringing the right people to your website

Driving instructors need to make sure their website is found when potential clients are searching for the service they offer. This is why it’s crucial that their website ranks highly on Google and in other search engines with the right keywords such as ‘driving lesson’ and ‘driving school’ which will bring the right traffic to their website.

5. You can increase your prices

Now that SEO has brought the right people to your website, this can result in your services being in very high demand. With all this interest in your services, this can mean that you can raise your prices.

How can driving instructors improve their SEO?

So now you know how SEO can benefit you as a driving instructor, how can you improve it on your website? You can work with SEO-savvy content writers who can create targeted content on your website or you could hire the services of an SEO agency.  An alternative and easier route could be registering as a driving instructor on Get Licensed Driving School. Driving instructors get to register on Get Licensed Driving School for free and join their driving instructor directory and are already exposed to thousands of learner drivers.  Get Licensed Driving School already has a robust SEO strategy in place, so the  SEO legwork will is done for you.