A new year and a new list of resolutions that we will either stick to or shamelessly break, as we enter 2020 with a new focus and a drive to succeed. But while many of us will begin to save the pennies for our next vacation of the year, can we save both money and time by using our passport photo and our driving licence photo together?

How to take a driving licence photo

While in the ideal world we would be able to just select our most cherished selfie from Instagram and use our filtered pout as our driving licence photo or passport photo, unfortunately when it comes to UK law it just doesn’t work that way.

A driving licence has very specific requirements, with one unintentional blink or awkward pose enough to warrant a rejected application. So, when it comes to taking the prefect driving licence photo, it’s best to be safe then sorry, and just stick to the particulars.

Know your photobooth

Your photo should be printed on high quality paper like the ones used in Max Spielmann photobooths. To find your nearest Max Spielmann photobooths you can check out the Max Spielmann Store Finder

It’s all about time

Your photo must have been taken within the last 30 days of you applying for your driving licence.

Background matters

The colour of your background when taking your photo should be either a light grey or a cream background. Which means that any fancy Instagram wallpapers or multi-coloured backgrounds will be immediately rejected.

Size is most definitely important

They say that size is very important, and the same can be said about your driving licence photo, which must measure at 45mm x 35mm.

Looking sharp

Your photo must be clear and sharp and most definitely not pixelated or blurry.

It’s all in the eyes

Spec wearers are recommended to remove their glasses when taking their photos, even if they are blind without them. This also includes all traces of headwear, hats and Halloween masks. However, religious requirements receive a pass.

Spring clean

And lastly, there should be no creases, tears, or soiled stains on your photo. In fact, your photo should be so pristine, that even Kim Woodburn wouldn’t have anything bad to say about it.

But what about my passport photo?

When it comes to taking the perfect photo for your passport the same rules apply. Which means you will be able to use the same photo for both your driving licence and passport, and not have to worry about going through the process of posing awkwardly for the same photo twice. This is also good for both drivers and holiday goers, as saving both time and money during this economy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What Get Licensed Say

In a post millennial world in which we take selfies as much as we eat and sleep, you would think that taking a photo for your driving licence and passport would be a breeze. Unfortunately, with such strict requirements in taking the perfect snap, a lot of us fail at the first huddle by simply blinking, smiling and not looking into the direction of the lens. Remember, our driving licence and passport photos are going to be with us longer then most boyfriends and girlfriends, so make sure it’s a photo that will stand the test of time.