SUPERCHARGE YOUR DRIVING LESSONS Introducing the world's first Learner Lamborghini!

That’s right, we took one of the world’s fastest road cars and turned it in to the world’s fastest driving instructor car.

The Learnerghini Story

Get Licensed teamed up with Yiannimize to create the ultimate learner experience. Taking one of the fastest road cars and turning it in to the world’s fastest driving instructor car.

Meet the Learnerghini! The world’s first Lamborghini Aventador driving instructor car allowing you to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s most exciting cars.

The Learnerghini Story
Engine 6.5 L V12
0-60 2.8 seconds
Top Speed 351 km/h
Body Carbon Fibre

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Book 10 lessons in the Lamborghini for just £20,000

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